Forgive Me Sergei
Award Winning Documentary

Director's Bio

Damian Wojciechowski sj was born in 1968 in Lublin in eastern Poland and graduated in Cracow with a degree in Philosophy. In 1991, he began to work as a journalist and producer at Polish Television in Warsaw and established an independent film and television production studio called FAB. In 1996, he began working in Siberia as a correspondent for Polish public television and was appointed in 1999 as the director of Kana, an independent Catholic television studio in Novosibirsk, Siberia. At Kana Damian produced hundreds of video news reports on the cultural, religious, and social life in the former Soviet Union. In 2004, he completed the documentary Forgive Me, Sergei as his diploma film at the Director and Scriptwriter Academy in Moscow.

In 1994, Damian directed and produced God Seen in the Sky, an award-winning short documentary about the Germans sent from the Volga to Kazakstan in 1941. In 1999, he directed and produced Sasha, a short film about a young, handicapped Russian woman. When studying in Moscow under Leonid Gurievich, Damian directed Northern Lights, a film about the cultural struggles between a Polish man and his Yakutsk wife, raising a family in Northeast Siberia.

Damian currently lives in Dzalal-abad, Kyrgystan where he is organizing charity work for prisoners, the elderly, the poor, and orphans.

Every year, Damian enjoys leading hiking expeditions through the various mountain ranges of the former U.S.S.R.